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April 25, 2024

Prepare to be Dazzled: VueReal Unveils the Future of Display Technology at Display Week 2024

In the heart of Silicon Valley, a revolution is brewing in the world of display technology. VueReal, a trailblazer in MicroSolid Printing™, is gearing up to showcase its game-changing innovations at the highly anticipated Display Week 2024 event in San Jose, California, from May 12-16.

Led by visionary Dr. Reza Chaji, VueReal is poised to redefine the landscape of microLED displays and micro semiconductor device manufacturing with its breakthrough MicroSolid Printing™ platform. Unlike traditional methods, VueReal's patented process solves the primary challenge hindering mass adoption of microLED displays: the efficient transfer of LEDs from wafer to backplane. With unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and high yield, VueReal sets a new industry standard, ushering in a new era of display technology.




Immerse Yourself in the Future of AR/VR

VueReal's presence at Display Week 2024 will showcase a new frontier of immersive experiences. From versatile Head-Mounted Displays to premium, full-color AR/VR technology, VueReal democratizes immersive experiences with accessible solutions that offer unmatched immersion, resolution, and energy efficiency.

Elevate Your Entertainment Experience

From smartwatches to TVs and future smartphones, VueReal's breakthrough LED transfer technology eliminates post-processing complexities, delivering vibrant, power-efficient displays. The company's unique microLED TV solution challenges conventional technologies, offering uncompromising performance at competitive prices.

Revolutionize the Driving Experience

VueReal drives automotive innovation forward with cutting-edge microLED displays and lighting solutions tailored to modern vehicles' demands. With unparalleled reliability, brightness, and multifunctionality, VueReal's microLED technology redefines the driving experience, setting new standards for the automotive industry. Buckle up for a ride into the future of transportation.

Join the MicroLED Revolution

Visit VueReal at Display Week 2024 in Booth #1644, Private Demo Room #39, and I Zone #140/4 to explore the future of display technology. The guest code F6k8EU9 provides complimentary access to the Exhibition.

Don't miss the opportunity to hear from CEO Reza Chaji as he shares insights into the future of the industry:

  • Introduction to a Turnkey Platform for MicroLED Displays: Business Conference, Wednesday, May 13, 4:20 PM
  • MicroSolid Printing Platform: A Solution for Mass Market Adoption of MicroLED Displays: Exhibitor's Forum Session, Wednesday, May 15, 9-9:30 AM
  • What Type of MicroLED: Flip Chip, Vertical, or Lateral? International Display Symposium, Friday, May 17, 11-11:20 AM

As Display Week 2024 approaches, VueReal's presence promises to reshape the future of display technology, setting new standards of innovation and excellence across industries.

Join VueReal on this thrilling journey towards a more immersive, vibrant, and connected world. Get ready to be dazzled!