Semiconductor Fabrication is About to Change Forever.

Thanks to VueReal’s Revolutionary MicroSolid Printing Platform

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MicroSolid Printing Enables High-Volume Micropixel Applications to be Manufactured Affordably and Sustainably

Across industries, consumers and businesses are demanding products with advanced functionalities and ‘smart’ capabilities. However, traditional methods of manufacturing electronics are limited in their ability to incorporate the more functionalities and higher performance that are necessary for developing next-generation products.

VueReal’s MicroSolid Printing platform provides a new micropixel fabrication process that removes the complexity of working with micropixel technologies, such as MicroLEDs and MicroSensors. With the ability to quickly transfer millions of micropixel devices onto a surface with acceptable yield, VueReal’s platform enables next-generation applications to be produced affordably, sustainably, and in high volumes.

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MicroSolid Printing is the Key to Unlocking Multi-Sensing Surface Applications for Next-generation Products

MicroSolid Printing enables any surface to become a ‘smart’ display or multi-sensing surface that delivers unmatched quality, multifunctional capabilities, and energy efficiency.

With MicroSolid Printing, the possibilities are endless for creating smart surface applications that make our lives safer, more efficient, and more vibrant.

  • Multi-functioning wearables
  • Enhanced displays (high brightness, high resolution, high transparency, low power)
  • True-life AR/VR
  • Improved Security System
  • More Insightful Healthcare Technology
  • Enhanced Autonomy
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Custom Applications

VueReal Helps Bring Ideas to Life With End-to-End Design and Fabrication Services

VueReal works with customers to bring product ideas to life. By utilizing our multidisciplinary research team, state-of-the-art facilities, and MicroSolid Printing platform, VueReal provides end-to-end design and fabrication services that can take an idea to Proof of Concept and beyond.

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Augmented Reality

Ultimate Full Colour Display Solution

VueReal self-aligned process enables the ultimate full colour displays for augmented reality without impacting performance, colour purity, and power consumption. It also provides for 4th or 5th subpixels in display without strain on size. You can use it for light blue for e-safety of user’s eyes.

Demonstrating a 2um full colour microLED array in May 2022, VueReal is focused to bring the technology to market in collaboration with its partners.

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Industries we empower:


MicroLED technology will help define the vehicles of the future, enabling advanced smart surfaces and energy conversion systems.


a clean manufacturing process and high-efficient devices are the keys to improving environmental impacts without losing our advanced life experience.


Highly visible, readable, and reliable displays can enhance the operation and safety of different industrial processes.

Augmented Reality

MicroLED enables the true-life experience required by AR applications and supports real-world interactions through advanced environmental sensors.

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