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Fully Inspected RGB MicroLED Cartridges

Enabling high throughput and high yield production of microLED displays using your current transfer(i.e. Pick and place) tool and bonding technology (thermal compression, Eutectic, Adhesive)

AVAILABLE NOW FOR ORDER! – VueReal is currently designing and shipping fully inspected and binned microLED cartridges based on your application requirements (all sizes and shapes). Our industry leading high efficiency uLEDs along with our pre-inspected RGB cartridge solution can now be used with your current transfer tool (e.g. pick and place) to reduce the need for costly repair processes and allow you to print RGB uLEDs at the same time!

Learn more about how our microLED cartridge solution can significantly reduce the cost and throughput of your microLED display fabrication. VueReal also can make fully inspected cartridges based on your devices.

Fully Integrated Process: Cartridge, inspection, high precision printer, compensation

Enabling the mainstream production of microLED displays

VueReal’s Solid Printing platform is available for development of different products. VueReal VUE 182 MicroSOLID Colour ReversePrinting along with VUE 182 MicroVUE Colour ReverseCartridge Inspection leads to almost >10 times reduction in the repair cost/time and >3 times improvement in the throughput. 

Moreover, the solution is compatible with large area substrate (>Gen 4.5) and <10um microLEDs addressing the high volume production requirements and material availability for scaling to applications such as smartphones, monolithic TVs, etc. Our REV1 proprietary printing platform in combination with our patented cartridge structure enables low cost, high yield “true printing” of microLED for different applications (Wearable, Smartphone, TVs, Auto, Tablet etc).

Find out if this will fit your application requirements or to engage on custom design using VueReal’s facility.

Custom Displays

Powering true-life experience on displays

VueReal is offering displays for custom and niche market applications including high PPI(>2000) for AR, high brightness and/or transparent for Industrial, Auto and IOT.

Discover display availabilities and roadmap.

A new future is in Vue!

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A new future is in Vue!