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June 3, 2024

VueReal: Key Takeaways from Display Week 2024

Display Week 2024, the must-attend event for anyone in the display technology industry, was a dazzling showcase of future innovation. This year's conference, attended by more than 10,000 people, was a treasure trove of cutting-edge innovations, advancements, and emerging trends that promise to redefine how consumers interact with screens. The advancements in OLED and microLED technology and cutting-edge developments in auto and augmented reality (AR) were an inspiration. Key themes highlighted the industry's relentless pursuit of higher resolution, energy efficiency, and immersive experiences.

Display Week Takeaways

Flexible OLED displays were prominent, with many foldable phone and tablet prototypes on display. LG showcased a 1.3-inch 4K resolution, 10,000-nit OLED display like Apple's. But the potential of microLED was not just a topic of discussion—it was top-of-mind. Widely viewed as the next generation display technology, microLED boasts superior characteristics: ultra-high brightness, nanosecond response time, low power consumption, high color reproduction, longer lifespan, and wide view angle, sparking industry optimism.

Power Efficiency Dominates

  • Power efficiency took the spotlight at Display Week 2024, with companies demonstrating advanced optics to reduce power consumption across LCD, OLED, and the rapidly emerging microLED display technologies. This focus on power efficiency is not just a trend but a crucial aspect as displays increasingly integrate into diverse applications, from automotive to AR. The emphasis on minimizing power draw for optimal performance and battery life is a key industry trend that our professional community should be aware of.
  • MicroLED displays are proving superior in this area. Did you know that microLED fabs use 30%~200% less water, power, and materials and produce significantly lower toxic materials – in addition to 50% to 200% lower power consumption—over OLED?

Automotive and AR Take Center Stage

Both automotive and AR applications generated significant interest at the conference, with various microLED display solutions on display.

  • As the automotive industry moves toward autonomy and electric vehicles, the event saw an increasing number of innovative auto displays, reflecting the growing demand for high-performing, user-friendly displays, and lighting.
  • MicroLED technology generated significant buzz and is widely regarded as the future of automotive displays due to its advantages over LCD and OLED, such as high brightness, wide color gamut, low power consumption, high transparency, and durability across wide temperature ranges.
  • AUO, a significant display manufacturer, had a strong presence, winning awards for "Best MicroLED-Based Technology" and "Best Automotive Display". AUO showcased its leading-edge technological breakthroughs of microLED in transparency, large-size capabilities, and flexibility, supporting applications across diverse fields. The "Best MicroLED-Based Technology" was awarded to the 60-inch High Transparency MicroLED Display, which maximizes the transparent microLED design features, incorporating expandable, seamless tiling technology. It features a full-screen brightness of 600 nits, a transparency rate of over 60 percent, and an exceptionally wide color gamut exceeding NTSC 110 percent. It allows flexible applications in various settings, such as smart windows for commercial displays, creating innovative smart living experiences.
  • VueReal's high-performance automotive displays and lighting solutions, enabled by its MicroSolid PrintingTM platform, attracted interest from automotive, consumer, and display manufacturing companies, highlighting this technology's potential. In addition to yield and cost, VueReal’s MicroSolid Printing also enhances microLED features such as transparency, brightness, and pixel density by allowing small micoLED integration into the backplane. VueReal demonstrated >60% transparency for 172 ppi displays and >80% transparency for TV size resolution.
  • At Display Week 2024, the automotive industry's growing demand for transparent, high-brightness displays was evident. As consumers increasingly seek innovative in-vehicle experiences, these cutting-edge display technologies pave the way for exciting new packaging opportunities within the vehicle cabin. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers showcased their latest advancements in transparent displays, which offer unparalleled visibility and seamless integration with the vehicle's interior design. With their ability to blend seamlessly into windshields, side windows, and even sunroofs, these displays open a world of possibilities for AR applications, enhancing driver awareness and safety.
  • Additionally, VueReal’s QuantumVue™ Display technology demonstrated the path to producing mid- to large-size microLED displays with superior performance–at a cost competitive with today's OLED solutions.

An AR Resurgence

  • AR applications generated significant interest at Display Week 2024, driven by advancements in AI and platforms like ChatGPT. As AI capabilities progress, AR glasses are becoming useful standalone tools, no longer reliant on companion devices. Traditionally, achieving high-efficiency, full-color displays has been a significant challenge for AR.
  • With the AR resurgence, it’s clear that the industry needs solutions that span entry-level to premium AR displays. Those companies that position themselves as frontrunners in addressing the diverse display requirements of the rapidly evolving AR industry will be well-positioned for success.
  • VueReal showcased innovative solutions catering to different AR application needs. For compact, low-cost, and low-power AR head-mounted displays (HMDs), VueReal demonstrated a solution based on its small flip-chip micron aLED that can enable a low form factor for a wide range of applications (e.g., AI-enabled glasses, HMDs, sports goggles, motorcycle helmets, and industrial helmets). The displays can be monochrome or full color.
  • For high-end AR applications demanding superior color and image quality, VueReal showcased its ColourFusion solution. This cutting-edge technology aims to provide a compact and comfortable AR experience with high-color rendering, addressing the growing demand for advanced AR displays in various sectors.

Overall, Display Week 2024 highlighted the industry's focus on power efficiency, flexible and high-brightness OLED displays, and the growing importance of microLED display technologies for critical applications like automotive, AR/VR, and wearables. Companies like VueReal are at the forefront of these trends, offering innovative solutions that address key challenges and drive the industry forward. We look forward to seeing what Display Week 2025 brings!